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One of our core competitions is our production of barrier foil bags. This form of packaging is very useful if you need to transport a machine or parts of a machine that can not stand against moisture.

This is caused by that barrier foil protect against air, water and moisture. Furthermore, the product is very strong in the opposite to plastic.

We produce all of our barrier foil bags by hand, which gives us the possibility to make the exact sizes and quantities you need.


OLC PACK APS offer customised wood packaging which can be delivered empty or be used in bigger packaging projects.

The empty wood packaging is produced of our customers need, which can be done because we make all our products by hand.


At OLC PACK APS we often visit our customer to make a packaging. If our customer manufacture machines and need to transport them to their customer, we are able to make the packaging.

We offer to do the packaging in customised barrier foil bags and wood packaging. We meet at the customer and do the measurement of the machine(s) that need to be transported and then we carries the whole packaging, so it can be transported soundly.


If our customer is in a situation where part of/or an entire production has to be moved, we offer to do the whole packaging of the production so it can be transported.

Here we take care of the whole process from measurement to shipment, and we manufacture all the products we need by ourselves.