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OLC PACK APS was established by Ole la Cour in 1997. After a short time his wife, Anna Marie Nørager joined the company and she became responsible for the accounting.

Originally the company started as a project coordination company, but after a short time the demand for wooden packaging became bigger and therefore they opened a wooden production. They bought the barrier foil bags by a supplier, but when they closed, OLC PACK APS opened their own production of barrier foil bags.

The company is still owned by Ole la Cour and Anna Marie Nørager and it is now turned into a family owned company.


It is an honour for us, to deliver the best quality, therefore we use a lot of our time on selecting the best materials for our products. Furthermore, we grade the quality so much that we will not downgrade the quality for a cheaper price.

We constantly examine the market to be sure, that we get the right products to the right prices.

If you need a specific product in a specific quality you are very welcome to contact us and we will do our best to match your wishes.


OLC PACK APS produce wooden packaging. Therefore we have ISBM 15 certification, which is issued from the Plant Directorate in Denmark.

We are able to forward the certificate in English.